Monday, April 25, 2011

This week in the kitchen

Monday/25-Apr-11: Lunched at Chez Cisseen today with Bill, meaning to have a small one, but didn't quite make it. For dinner there was Grilled Caesar Salad (MC), an old favorite. Dessert was Belgian waffles with blueberries and vanilla ice cream.

Part of our nice gourmand lunch at our hotel on Saturday was cannoli of smoked salmon. The filling was ricotta (or something similar), livened with grated radishes and celeriac perhaps, or maybe only radishes. This is somewhat similar to a starter I've made with smoked salmon by lining small dishes and filling. The bit of crunch in the cannoli filling was quite nice. I should try that next time I try my recipe.

Another cutesy feature from the hotel restaurnt: desserts all had little caramel "flags" inserted. It looked like they poured small puddles of hot caramel and laid a kind of flat bamboo toothpick into each. Decorative and tasty.

Tuesday/26-Apr-11: Lunch today at the restaurant in St Sornin following a visit to the winery there. Took Bill to La Roche train, did errands, shopped. Dinner was fruit and a couple of chocolatey dessert things I bought.

Wednesday/27-Apr-11: Dinner was more or less Grilled Salmon Steaks with Carom (IndLight, p154), grilled under the broiler and very tasty. Accompanied by a half recipe of Tangy Green Beans with Ajwain and Ginger (SpiceKitch, p38) made with frozen green beans. Also Plain Basmati Rice (SpiceKitch, p68), very simple and plain, just pop some cardamom pods in with the cooking rice. For dessert there was the last of the little pastry cups, with some vanilla ice cream and some mango slices. All good.

Yogurt on overnight.

Thursday/28-Apr-11: Warmed up the leftover pizza for dinner, maybe a trifle old, but it looked, smelled, and tasted OK. Then a big salad.

Friday/29-Apr-11: Very nice dinner at La Bellone with Bill.

Saturday/30-Apr-11: Dinner at Camping d'Etang with Bill.

Sunday/1-May-11: Out all day for the ralleye touristique; brought along a picnic lunch. Warm Broccoli and Potato Salad (MDSalads, p15), accompanied by lots of goodies from the charcuterie in Montbron. Tasty, if late, dinner of omelettes with sorrel.

Progress on goals
This week: #1 VEG/FISH: yes #2 SOUP: no, #3 MIDDAY: yes
This month: #4 PASTA:yes for April, no for May

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