Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fried Calamari

Cooking Italy Assignment
Fried Calamari, p319

Back in the Cooking Italy saddle with fried calamari. Who doesn't like these, I wonder?

Since I've pidddled with cleaning squid before, there was no challenge with doing that again. Instead, I took the lazy way out and used frozen rings, 500g (a bit more than a pound), for a main course for the two of us. Of course, when you buy a sackful of frozen rings, you don't get any of the cute tentacles.

The recipe really couldn't be simpler: flour the rings, fry 'em up, and serve. Hazan has you toss the calamari with flour in the colander. I kept a dish of flour and dredged the rings before dropping them into the oil. You simply fry them till they're done. She does suggest that you have a spatter screen since squid may burst while frying. Burst! Yipes! I did put down some foil to help keep the stove clean, but don't have a spatter screen.

Frying stuff like this is not one of my favorite kitchen activities. (I love onion bhaji, but don't make them very often, because I don't like all the frying around.) It is kind of fun that you drop the bits in the hot oil and they sink to the bottom in a fizz of bubbles, then come back to the surface to bob around for minutes more until they're done.

We ended up with two platters like this:

The calamari were really very good, and could hardly be simpler to make, especially using the frozen kind. I made some aoili to go with the squid, but I think I really preferred it with just a squeeze of lemon.

Like many fried foods like this, because of the timing and the fact you have to be in pretty close attendance for all the time they're frying, I'm not sure I'd want to make this for company. They might be alright for a starter if the rest of the meal doesn't require much attention to get it to the table.


  1. Your calamari came out so pretty! I think the idea of a squeeze of lemon...maybe a marinara on the side for dipping? If rings are available next time...who knows!

  2. Glennis, I thought your calamari were so pretty, with the added color and texture of the tentacles! Mine are so plain by contrast.