Thursday, May 20, 2010

Piquant Green Sauce—Salsa Verde

Cooking Italy Assignment
Piquant Green Sauce—Salsa Verde, p42

This assignment is for a general-purpose, savory sauce that's as simple to make as it could be. Put all the ingredients in the pot:

buzz, and—voila!—there's your sauce:

Hazan uses a food processor to zap the salsa, but for small amounts like this I've been using my staff mixer. The narrow beaker makes it easier to blend thoroughly and the clean-up is much simpler too. (Staff mixers probably didn't exist when this book was published.)

I made a half recipe of the salsa and served it with broiled salmon filets for two, then froze the rest for another dinner. I'd guess 6-8 is a better serving estimate that the 4-6 Hazan suggests, since we served two generously and have about the same amount left.

Even though I'm really not an anchovy fan, I included these in the salsa. Anchovies are definitely not something I want on a pizza, but they do seem to add a good flavor to sauces. This sauce was quite tasty with the salmon and we both thought that it would be good on a steak.


  1. Hi Kaye
    This is one I really liked. I have terrible pictures ofit though, so I'm waiting to do it again for the THIRD time.

  2. Am debating on this as the guys like green food if it is barely cooked and not mushy, so am thinking I might be messing with a good thing if I try to serve this to them. Your idea of a small batch, however, is enticing enough that I could do that for Mark and I and get by with it, I think. Good idea about the small mixer for this.

  3. Kayte, I think the staff mixer is one of the best gadgets to have. If I had to choose between my food processors (there are two in my kitchen, don't ask!) and the staff mixer, I think might choose the mixer. Certainly it gets used on an almost day-to-day basis.