Sunday, January 17, 2010

Tortine alle Carote e Porri

Cooking Italy Assignment
Tortine alle Carote e Porri, La Cucina Italiana, Nov-09

This carrot and leek tart is the January bonus for Cooking Italy. I've been wanting to make the chard tart, one of November's assignments, but the chard in the shops hasn't looked very good of late. So I chose this instead.

The foundation for this tart is a crust that includes almonds. Since I had a sack of ground almonds sitting around (whatever did I buy that for?), I used that rather than grinding almonds. And I followed closer to Judith Jones' instructions for tart dough from The Tenth Muse, than to the instructions here. (I get consistently good dough following Jones' instructions, so I'm not included to do things very differently.) I put the flour, ground almonds, salt, and cold butter into the food processor and pulsed for 15 alligators. Then added the yolks and ice water and pulsed for 10 alligators. Voila!

The rest of the tart is quite easy to prepare, although it takes a bit of clock time. My carrots took about 10 minutes longer to cook than the recipe suggested. And it only took one leek to make 2 cups sliced. The leeks are sautéed till soft. The carrots are boiled with an herb bundle (flat-leaf parsley, thyme, and marjoram), puréed, then added to egg yolks and grated Parmesan. (I wonder why the recipe calls for the purée to be whisked into the cheese and yolks, rather than adding those into the food processor, which is already dirty? A few pulses and you've saved the clean-up crew a bowl and a whisk. Next time ...)

The dough is rolled out and pressed into the bottom of a buttered and crumbed spring-form pan. My pan was about 8-1/2", rather than 9" and it was fine. I think the smaller 8" one would have worked also. Top with the leeks, then the carrot purée, decorate with some reserved carrot coins, sprinkle on more cheese, and in the oven. My oven was having a hot day (350F being its minimum temperature when it's in a good mood), but the tart was not overdone after 40 minutes.

Although it tasted fine, the crust seemed a bit damp on top near the filling. In retrospect, I think I might pop it into the oven for 5 minutes before filling it. After baking, the tart held together well, so the slices were quite attractive on the plate. I like the idea of making individual tarts of this, but can't imagine that I'd get very much use out of individual tart pans, so find the larger tart more practical.


  1. That's beautiful Kaye! Well done. I've got it on my list but am worried with just 2 how we would eat all that tart! lol. Maybe that should be part of my challenge.

  2. Well done. I like the big tart. I made the small ones. I just loved this tart. I had a feeling I would. With the small ones, they can be frozen and then eaten as a nice weekend lunch.

  3. This looks beautiful and the round shape is so pretty. Thanks for the tips on the crust needing a little time alone, etc. I was wondering about the timing of crust, carrots, etc. Very fun to see this one done before I attempt it.