Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Veal Scaloppine with Marsala

Cooking Italy Assignment
Veal Scaloppine with Marsala, p361

After a bit of difficulty finding the marsala wine, I've finally made the veal scallopine. And good they were. Of course the technique is really simple. Dip some thinnish slices of protein in flour, brown in butter and/or oil and set aside, deglaze the pan with something interesting. VoilĂ ! This version is deglazed with marsala, which makes a lovely sauce, but you can deglaze with all kinds of tasty liquids. (Thanks to Pam Anderson's HowTo for widening my understanding of pan sauces like this.)

I had just over 500g of veal scallops, which was quite too much for two people. This could have served three easily and four as part of a bigger meals. Once all the meat is browned, you deglaze the pan with the marsala, add a chunk of butter and stir till it's melted, then return the scallops to the pan to simmer in the lovely sauce.

Then, on to the platter and off to the table for serving.

So good for such a little bit of work.


  1. Your veal looks lovely! Veal is so hard to get where I am...once in awhile it's available, but mostly not. I'm glad you got to try the recipe with the intended protein!

  2. That looks yummy. Chris has a bottle of Marsala that we haven't gotten around to doing anything with. What side dishes did you serve it with?

  3. Nevermind, I just saw the other post where you mentioned polenta (I've never made it) and asparagus.

  4. Jacky, you don't need polenta. Smashed or roasted pots would do, or a bit of pasta, or rice, or whatever else you like. And a nice green veg. I think haricots verts or regulary green beans would be good. Or broccoli, which is good with most things. :-)