Sunday, October 16, 2016

Cookbook Countdown: Pasta with Salmon Cream

Tonight there was Pasta with Salmon Cream (p163) from Desperation Dinners. Nothing too special, but kind of your basic creamy pasta dish. Quite tasty and easy to assemble.

I used fettuccine as instructed, but I expect penne or cascarelli would be just as good. You start by sautéing a finely chopped onion. When that's soft, add some frozen green peas (optional, but I prefer them), grated Parmesan, half-and-half, frozen lemon juice concentrate (I used juice straight from the lemon), minced garlic (mine was freshly chopped rather than from a jar), crushed red pepper, and dill leaves. Cook gently till the sauce thickens. With planning your fettuccine will be ready and you can stir in the smoked salmon and some yogurt or sour cream (I used crème fraîche). I didn't cook the salmon at all, but stirred the sauce, salmon, and crème fraîche into the just-drained pasta. Very tasty. A nice dinner with a salad.

Stop by Cookbook Countdown to see what other folks are making from their October cookbook. If you've got books on your shelf wanting to be used, why don't you choose one and join in?


  1. Delicious plate of pasta. I would add the peas too, I like peas. This is the perfect one dish meal for busy weeknights!

  2. This does look good. I love salmon and pasta.