Monday, July 27, 2015

This week in the kitchen

Monday/27-Jul-15: Patrice and Wim came to dinner, so we had to stretch a bit to feed six people. Dinner was Spatchcocked Chicken Under a Brick (web), which turned out super. Actually not under a brick, but under two. Not sure why squashing the cooking chicken makes a difference, but it was delicious and quite attractive taking it off the grill. I used some of Jody's Moroccan spice for seasoning, although it wasn't very loud. Quickly defrosted twelve sausages and grilled those too. Made a bowlful of potato salad, loosely following Potato Salad II (p87, Joy), added hardboiled eggs, red onions, black olives, cornichons, cucumber, radishes. And some steamed broccoli. For dessert there was Crème Fraîche Ice Cream (MC), and we ate it all. Good dinner, not overflowing.

Tuesday/28-Jul-15: Lunch out today. Dinner was odds and ends that needed to be eaten. That's all. Authentic French Bread (out of head) in the bread maker overnight.

Wednesday/29-Jul-15: Ate at the marché des producteurs in Massignac. Not much happened in the kitchen.

Thursday/30-Jul-15: At out before a concert this evening. Not much happened in the kitchen.

Friday/31-Jul-15: Shopped this morning. Dinner was Grilled Masala Salmon (p46, MJ@Home; cookbooker). First "marinated" with dry spices, then topped with a mustard mixture. Very easy and yummy. Grilled only rather than grilled and baked. Served with suggested sides, South Indian-Style Green Beans (p145, MJ@Home; cookbooker) and Basmati Rice with Lentils (p212, MJ@Home; cookbooker). Yummy stuff all. Some chocolate-hazelnut pudding things from the shop for dessert.

Saturday/1-Aug-15: Lunch was Toast with Avocado, Fried Eggs, and Soy Sauce (web). Surprisingly tasty, this. And easy.

Terry and Shirley gave us a load of blackberries yesterday. I used them to make Classic Blackberry Crumble (web). Then I made some plain vanilla ice cream to accompany it. Peg and Jim made the rest of dinner. Some chicken bits in a creamy mushroom sauce and some potatoes and some cauliflower with a turmeric sauce. Wim and Patrice joined us for a gezellig dinner.

Sunday/2-Aug-15: Barbecue again tonight. Paprika Pork Chops (web) were tasty and easy. Any good rub would achieve the same effect, but this was a good one. Served with the recommended side dishes. Grilled zucchini tossed with grainy mustard and olive oil. Ed didn't want to grill the corn on the cob, so I boiled it, then charred it on a grill pan. Basted with lime-butter after. For dessert we had some treats Peg&Jim bought from the boulanger yesterday.

Progress on goals
This week: #1 BACKLOG: no; #2 UNUSED: no; #3 GRAINS: no; #4 VEG/FISH: 1
This month: #5 PASTA: no for July, no for August; #6 BREAD: no for July, no for August  #7 FotW: no for July; August is vacation

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