Monday, March 23, 2015

This week in the kitchen

Monday/23-Mar-15: Dinner was Tagliatelle con Scaloppine alla Rucola aka Tagliatelle with Veal and Rocket (Arugula) (Lorenza, p145). I forgot to get rucola last week at the shop, so I defrosted a couple of cubes of leaf spinach to use instead. Used frozen store-fresh pasta, since I didn't have the oomph to make it. Pretty good, but what else could it be with all that butter and cream? Served with a salad. No dessert needed.

Tuesday/24-Mar-15: Dinner was Spicy Indian-Style Scrambled Eggs (web). Yummy stuff and not at all hard to make. Originally I thought I might make roti as a go-with (which I made in a class about a hundred years ago), but opted for something like pita bread instead. Started with that old favorite Spicy Cucumber Wedges (MJ1, p172). Some cookies for dessert.

Wednesday/25-Mar-15: Shopping today, kind of a small one since we're away for the next days.

Dinner was a half recipe of Delicious Roasted White Fish Wrapped in Smoked Bacon with Lemon Mayonnaise (web). Good stuff. Should have been served with asparagus but I had broccoli to use up so went for that. Which was a good idea because there was no green asparagus to be had today. The lemon mayonnaise is just regular mayo with a good squirt of lemon juice added, plus some black pepper. Good with the broccoli too. The fish was nice. My filets were completely wrapped in the bacon, unlike Jamie's picture. And it didn't get really crispy. The broiler might have done better at that. But completely edible. Served with brown rice.

Thursday/26-Mar-15: Off to Paris today.

Friday/27-Mar-15: Nobody home.

Saturday/28-Mar-15: Nobody home.

Sunday/29-Mar-15: Home again, home again, jiggety-jig.

Dinner was an old favorite Artichoke Spaghetti (Art, p59) with a can of tuna stirred in at the end. And a salad. Cheese for dessert. We've subscribed to three months of a cheese-of-the-month sort of thing where we get a box of four cheese every month from small producers. We sampled a goat cheese, Doux Chêne, and a tomme de Savoie. Both good.

Progress on goals
This week: #1 BACKLOG: no; #2 UNUSED: no; #3 GRAINS: yes; #4 VEG/FISH: 3
This month: #5 PASTA: no; #6 BREAD: no; #7 FotW:  no for March

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