Monday, February 9, 2015

This week in the kitchen

Monday/9-Feb-15: Sicky me today. Was going to  make soup with dinner but didn't feel like finishing it off. So dinner was just Grilled Chicken Sandwich (CL92, p193). The chicken didn't get marinated as long as it should have, but it was still quite tasty.

Made some ABM bread using the (expired) pain aux levain mix that I'd forgotten in the fridge. Used the tare method for measuring. That really makes it easy and no extra measuring devices to clean up.

Tuesday/10-Feb-15: Off to order our new fridge today. It will arrive Friday.

When it came time to make dinner, I discovered that I'd neglected to defrost some egg whites. Oops, replan. Instead I finished off the soup I didn't make last night and served with the leftover brown rice crusted quichey thing. For dessert we had the last of the (frozen) chocolate-pear cake bits.

The soup was Spas (Yoghurt-and-Barley Soup with Herbs) (TLRus, p23) from the Caucasus. This was pretty darn good for a simple soup. Would be nice in small cups as a starter or just on a buffet perhaps.

Wednesday/11-Feb-15: Shopping today. Nothing much exciting there.

Dinner was Pork Burgers Dijon (CL92, p159). I made a full recipe, 6 patties, which should serve six. They were good. We ate 5 patties and have one left for lunch tomorrow. Served with Coriander Carrots (web), a quick little recipe from a Cooking Light magazine, easy and good. Also some corn on the cob, espied at Intermarché yesterday. Some squares of chocolate for after.

Thursday/12-Feb-15: Dinner was Steamed Scrod Packages in Pimiento Sauce (MoreFast, p79; cookbooker). This was fun, quick, and quite good. Followed by a salad. No sweet tonight.

Friday/13-Feb-15: New fridge arrived this afternoon, needing its doors to open the other way around. Ed took care of that. Then I filled it back up. There's a bit more fridge room and a bit less freezer room. I guess we'll cope. It's a bit taller, so one of the two cabinets above the fridge had to go. I'm thinking the crockpot and one or two other such things will end up sitting there instead. (Anticipating the loss of the cabinet, I'd already emptied it and have jammed the crockpot onto a shelf from which it's really hard to retrieve it. The top of the fridge will be better. If only it weren't so ugly and orange.)

Dinner was a half recipe of Zucchini Curry (web), easy and not at all bad, served with basmati rice. We split a magnum classic for dessert.

Yogurt on overnight.

Saturday/14-Feb-15: Yogurt on overnight, but the electricity was off for 10 minutes or so. Restarted with a guess a required time. We'll see.

Lunch out today; nothing much happened in the kitchen.

Discovered that, with the new fridge in place, the door on the corner cabinet in the peninsula doesn't open as far as it used to. Oops. Maybe need to move the fridge over just a smidge. Still can't get used to the big grey/inox mass standing there.

Sunday/15-Feb-15: Yogurt was edible. Will get a new starter next week.

Dinner in the crockpot today, so it was waiting when we got back from a concert. It was a half recipe of the very well-reviewed recipe for Southern Slower Cooker Choucroute (web). Not so highly rated here. OK, but nothing special. Have some leftovers, maybe to make up a kind of poor-man's reuben for lunch one day soon.

Unused cookbooks? CL92 qualifies in the life of this blog, but I did use it before that, so it doesn't really. Need to focus on this a bit.

Progress on goals
This week: #1 BACKLOG: yes; #2 UNUSED: no; #3 GRAINS: yes; #4 VEG/FISH: 3
This month: #5 PASTA: no; #6 BREAD: no; #7 FotW: yes for January; no for February

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