Monday, March 24, 2014

This week in the kitchen

Monday/24-Mar-14: Bumped into a recipe for Tuna Melt during the morning and made that for lunch. Toast your bun, lay on a slice of tomato, top with a nice tuna salad, grate or slice some cheese on top, and plop in the oven till the cheese melts. Not for everyday, but nice.

In the afternoon I made some Zucchini-Lemon Muffins (MC), working on the zucchini backlog in the freezer.

For dinner, I went back to the Time-Life Quintet book. There was Dulma—Zucchini Stuffed with Lamb and Rice (TLQuint, p85) served with Salatit Batata—Potato Salad with Caraway (TLQuint, p101), both from Tunisia. Ground lamb has to be homemade and I had some cooked lamb in the freezer waiting to be used, so I ground that up with the onion, eggs, parsley, mint, and other spices. Made good use of the food processor here, where the 1970-ish instructions had you kneading and beating the filling.

A good filling, and I've got lots leftover. I'll get some brik or filo tomorrow and stuff some samosa-like things for baking. The potatoes were good too.

Then a simple salad, rocket and mâche with a dab of dressing. For afters, there was a dab of ice cream with a muffin.

Tuesday/25-Mar-14: Yogurt on overday.

Shopping today. There were fêves from Spain today; the season has moved northward from Morocco. I resisted, but it was hard. Did get some French strawberries, the first seen I've seen this year, today.

I've added a page with the Nigel Slater schedule for I Heart Cooking Clubs. With the Foods of the World thing going on, I'm not sure how much I'll be able to participate, but I do like him, so will try. I've gotten lazy about making separate posts for meals in the last couple of months, so will have to get back in the groove.

I've also added a page with a list of zucchini recipes I've tried in the last year. I hope this might make meal planning easier when the next garden bounty starts to appear. Might add separate pages for other veggies (eggplant?) if those explode in the garden.

Dinner was Mustard-Coated Salmon (web; cookbooker), along with some steamed broccoli (topped up with a bitter butter with garlic and red pepper flakes) and trio rice. For after there was the last waffle from the freezer topped with ice cream and, yes, strawberries. Good, it all was.

After ten hours, some of the yogurt pots were still runny. Think that it's not heating evenly across the bottom. Broke down and ordered a new one, same brand, newer model.

Wednesday/26-Mar-14: Wrapped the leftover lamb in filo and baked some samosas. Now in the freezer for another meal or snack or two or three.

Dinner was Curried Fried Rice (MW@Home, p226). I used the last of my Thai red curry sauce for the curry sauce; had the amount asked, but could have used more. This is a fried rice with tomatoes and spinach. Pretty good, if a bit off course. We ate more or less the whole recipe, so no dessert needed.

Thursday/27-Mar-14: Dinner was Spice-Rubbed Pork Tenderloin (web). I had about a third of the meat, but used half of the rub; did cut the sugar back even further. Easy and good. Served with smashed sweet potato and some peas for a colorful plate. While we were eating, the ice cream maker made up some Crème Fraîche Ice Cream (MC) for after. Then off to line dancing for me.

Friday/28-Mar-14: Off to Limoges for dinner and a concert this evening. Nothing much happened in the kitchen. Running out of yogurt. Hope the new one comes tomorrow, please Amazon.

Saturday/29-Mar-14: No yogurt maker today. Only one yogurt left. Will buy more starter next week.

For dinner there was Stir-Fried Rice Stick Noodles with Shrimp and Vegetables (p47, TLChina). My shrimp were too big, so I quartered them rather than just halving them. The instructions said to soak the noodles for five minutes in cold water. After more time than that, they weren't very soft at all, so I drained and poured some hot water over them. But for only a few minutes so there were still a bit chewy. Instructions badly presented. Quite quick to make. Tasty, and improved with a bit of sambal.

Sunday/30-Mar-14: A really late start to the day with the time change. We ate lunch about 4pm (lamb-filled samosas from the freezer; they were good), and didn't really feel like a bit dinner. So made a salad similar to the pasta dinner I'd planned, a small can of tuna, some oven-dried tomatoes from the freezer, slivers of Parmesan. Pretty good it was. We split a magnum classic for dessert.

Progress on goals
This week: #1 COOKBOOKS: yes?; #2 VEG/FISH: 4
This month: #3 PASTA: yes; #4 FotW: yes; #5 BREAD: 1

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