Monday, September 9, 2013

This week in the kitchen

Monday/9-Sep-13: Roasted a lamb shoulder (rather than a gigot, which was an option) today for Gigot d'Agneau Saint-George au Citron et au Yaourt (VPG). Started way too late for it to get done in time (also recipe wasn't very accurate about the time), so ended up throwing together a quick pasta dish with broccoli and the end of the blah blue cheese.

Yogurt on overnight.

Tuesday/10-Sep-13: The sink arrived hooray!

Dinner was the roast lamb, which was pretty good in spite of being reheated. Also Dusolier's Perfect Roast Potatoes, which were especially good because I followed the instructions about putting the roasting tray with oil and salt in the one when the potatoes start boiling. Also some roasted veggies, the end of the broc, a couple of carrots, and a little eggplant from the garden.

Wednesday/11-Sep-13: Shopping today. Got back to find a sack with 1.5kg of haricots verts and haricots jaunes hanging on the front-doorknob. Have to deal with those tomorrow. Might parboil and freeze a lot of them.

Had a bit of a Chinese itch. Tonight's dinner was Stir-Fried with Black Bean Sauce (HotWok, p74) with Stir-Fried Courgettes with Fresh Chilli (HotWok, p165) and rice. Both are old favorites, but it's been a while since I've made them. Makes me think I want to spend some time making some proper Chinese-ish food, as best I can considering difficulty getting a lot of ingredients. Restaurant Chinese food around here tends to be pretty low quality, served buffet-style.

Thursday/12-Sep-13: It was Elsie's Zucchini Pancakes with Sour Cream Sauce (CastIron, p124) again for dinner tonight. Good stuff too. Then a simple salad. That's all folks.

Friday/13-Sep-13: Time to start working on the leftover lamb. Tonight it was sort of a half recipe of Moussaka I (Secrets, p217) along with some Perfect Roasted Green Beans (now HandyBook) like I made last week. The leftovers section on Seaver's book is really useful. Then some ice cream and defrosted frozen raspberries.

Saturday/14-Sep-13: Scratched the Indian itch tonight. Dinner was Mushroom and Pea Curry (MJ@Home, p161) served with rice. Good enough, but not the best Jaffrey meal I've made. For afters we had a bit of ice cream with a slog of chocolate liqueur over.

Sunday/15-Sep-13: Lunch out today for my birthday, so nothing happening in the kitchen. Internet down in the evening till well past bedtime.

Progress on goals
This week: #1 IHCC/COOKBOOKS: no, #2 VEG/FISH: 4
This month: #3 PASTA: no, #4 BREAD: no

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