Monday, February 20, 2012

White Bread and Whole Wheat Bread

Bread Machine Cookbook
Better Homes and Garden (2001)
ISBN 0696213168

Here is a book that I bought by a mistake. I collected a good ABM recipe on a mailing list and liked it enough that I thought I'd get the book where it originally appeared. That's what this was supposed to be, but it wasn't. (It was Betty Crocker I meant to get, not Better Homes and Gardens.) The book itself is quite attractive; it has hardboard covers with a ring binding inside, so it lays flat and is easy to use. But I've never really found a recipe that said Make Me Now.

We were pretty well snowed in last week, making it difficult to get out to shop. One morning I missed the mobile boulanger who delivers bread — I met him while I was out walking Pogo, but had no change in my pockets, argh! — and we were pretty well out of bread, so I had the idea to make some whole wheat bread for our next day's breakfast.

Working on my project to try unused cookbooks, I picked up this book, found a promising whole wheat bread, and started assembling it. At one point I laid a measuring spoon down on the opposite page, and then started following that recipe. (I often use a measuring spoon to track ingredients in a printed recipe.) Result: white bread instead of whole wheat. Luckily the recipes are quite similar except for the flour and I could easily correct the difference.

That night, I set the ABM up in the living room, since the kitchen gets quite cold at night and I know that makes the machine unhappy. In the morning, we woke to the wonderful smell of baking bread.

ABM bread is not especially cool, but it's awfully handy when time and bread are short. And this was not at all a bad plain white bread. I might even make it again. But not before I make the bread I originally intended to make.

Having been diverted from the path towards a whole wheat bread, I went back a week later to try that. I made this bread using the Whole Wheat Rapid setting on my machine, so I'd be sure to have it out and cooling before bedtime.

This is not a 100% whole wheat bread, but half and half with regular flour. It's probably one of the best plain whole wheat breads I've made with the machine. It slices easily and tastes good. Another keeper. Looks like this book is rescued from the Recycle stack.

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  1. Oh, Kaye, that did make me laugh - putting the spoon down on the opposite page and starting in on the other recipe - I could so do something like that. Pleased that all was not lost, and that you also went back and tried the whole wheat bread as well.

    I have a favourite mixed grain loaf that I make in my bread machine often - it's wonderful to wake up to in the morning.

    So thrilled that you shared this at Cookbook Sundays, and that you've been able to "rescue" this book.