Monday, February 6, 2012

This week in the kitchen

Monday/6-Feb-12: Finished off the chicken stock this morning. Ended up with 11 cups in the freezer. Out of freezer containers now.

Simple dinner tonight. Defrosted some merguez de volaille and grilled them. Made mashed sweet potatoes from the enormous single pot that I bought last week. Then a salad with the marinated Brussels sprouts. These were better with just a dab of arugula and were rather overwhelmed by the plateful of mâche/arugula mix.

K's Sweet Potato Bread (MC, a smerge of two recipes) on overnight. Moved the ABM in by the pellet burner, since I know it's not happy baking in a cold room.

Tuesday/7-Feb-12: Wasn't it nice to awaken to the smell of fresh bread this morning! Ordinarily, when the ABM sits in the kitchen, the smell doesn't really reach us in the bedroom. It's a pretty golden color, but not especially sweet tasting.

Brought the frozen chicken half indoors this morning. In the afternoon, I picked the meat for tomorrow's dinner, then roasted the bones and popped them in the freezer.

For dinner I embellished a can of black beans, mashed it all up a bit, topped with bits of leftover polenta, then heated in the oven for a bit. Served with a salad of avocado, radish, and cuke, mixed with lime juice and crème fraîche. Pretty good for little effort.

Wednesday/8-Feb-12: Used the rest of the mashed sweet potato to make Southern Sweet Potato Pecan Bread (MC). That really was a big sweet potato! Good quick bread.

Somehow, when you eat lunch at 3pm, and have a quick bread snack after that, you just don't think about cooking dinner till too late in the day. So leftover pizza it was, warmed in the oven.

All our events are being cancelled, choir practice, line dancing, gardening club. I have a doctor's appointment in Angoulême in Tuesday, but think I'll call tomorrow to cancel that, since it doesn't look like the roads will be clear by then.

Thursday/9-Feb-12: Authentic French Bread from the ABM this morning, and never cut into it. It will still be good, but not great tomorrow.

A neighbor with a 4x4 braved the roads to go to the grocery. We got milk and lettuce; I forgot to ask for eggs, which we could run out of. Can't be too bad out there. Ed went to refill a prescription and it took him only two tries to get back up the hill in Mazerolles.

Repurposed leftovers for dinner tonight. Made a sort of hash/stew thing from the rest of the chicken, potatoes, and the bit of sauce remaining, with this and that thrown in. Served over the remains of the polenta. Not bad at all. A bit let from lunch in the next day. Then a salad.

Friday/10-Feb-12: We made a trip out today. Stopped at a grocery for eggs and a few other things, then picked up a load of sacks of pellets for the heating. Pretty scary driving on the little roads.

Tonight, the pork roast I found in the freezer when I defrosted was on the menu. Best Crockpot Pork Roast Ever (web). Best? Well, maybe; good for a crockpot recipe anyhow. (Part 2 of the recipe to come—"bbq" pulled pork.) Accompanied by steam/sautéed potatoes and carrots and Baked Eggplant Slices (TooMany, p114), using up the eggplant in the fridge. This is still one of our favorite eggplant recipes. Finished off the last of the vanilla fromage frais. Curious that if I'd made something like this, our servings would have been twice as large. Think we need to practice some portion control here.

Saturday/11-Feb-12: Still cold, soup weather. Dinner was Lentil Soup with Red Squash and Fennel (Verdura, p171; cookbooker).

A couple of days ago a friend ventured out for some shopping and I asked her to bring us 3 liters of milk. Instead she came with 3 2-liter bottles. So we're starting a use-up-the-milk project. Tonight was Chocolate Tapioca Pudding (MC). Easy to make and good. This will last us several days.

Sunday/12-Feb-12: Late lunch today. Topped some stale baguette with the leftover chicken hash and let it sit under the broiler for a bit. That and our usual fruit plate was lunch.

Had thought about making pasta for dinner, but we weren't very hungry, so we had just a salad. Then a bit of St Maure. Then some Chocolate Tapioca Pudding, small servings like the fromage frais toetjes we've been eating. We're full.

Bread on overnight, sitting near the heater again. We'll awaken to the smell of cooking bread. I intended to make a whole wheat bread, but laid a measuring spoon on the opposite page and started following the recipe for White Bread (BHGBread, p8). Very similar recipes and I hadn't gotten to the part where they diverge. Should be OK.

Progress on goals
This week: #1 COOKBOOKS: yes, #2 BREAD: yes, #3 SOUP: yes, #4 MIDDAY: no, #5 VEG/FISH: 3
This month: #6 PASTA: no

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