Monday, May 16, 2011

This week in the kitchen

Monday/16-May-11: Dinner was a one-third recipe of Ginger-Garlic Eggplant (IndianSC), a recipe that came in an email from a cookbook I don't have. Yet. I used all chilies for the third, and it was respectably hot. Probably half the chiles would be enough. Made some raita, using my standard recipe (MJ1, p162). And cherry sorbet for dessert. Not too bad.

Tuesday/17-May-11: For our midday meal today I warmed the broccoli/roquefort/walnut quiche. Still yummy. Then a salad. That was all.

Wednesday/18-May-11: Off to Bordeaux today. Only a small lunch there. For dinner I cooked some brown rice, added some chopped red onion, some chopped red bell pepper from the freezer, a small can of corn, a can of chickpeas, some chopped parsley, and some spices. Not bad all together. More cherry sorbet for dessert.

Thursday/19-May-11: Shopped this morning and really didn't feel like cooking this evening. I bought some cod fillets on sale, which turned out to be really bony. Feeling very uninspired, I used it to make Chile-Garlic Shrimp (MC), with the cod cut in strips. It dissolved so the sauce was tasty, but rather mushy. And a simple salad with a sack of cheap lettuce at its sell-by date. Finished our bit of St. Marcellin for afters.

Friday/20-May-11: First post-op check-up this afternoon, then shopping at Brico Depot. Decided to eat at the Buffalo Grill, which Ed had planned to try last Friday, but didn't have the opportunity. Ugh, very missable.

Saturday/21-May-11: Put some lamb on to marinate for two day before cooking. Made a half recipe of Buttermilk Ice Cream (MC) to freeze in the next days. I inadvertently opened a can of condensed milk (rather than evaporated) while making that, so I also made a half recipe of No-Cook Indian Ice Cream (Kulfi) (MC). Now we're quite well-stocked with ice creams.

Dinner was Sausages and Cream (ClassicItal, p201), made with homemade Italian sausage from the freezer using Guiliano's recipe. When I first made this for Cooking Italy, I used an inappropriate sausage, and it was not a success. This time, with the homemade sausage it was quite good. Kind of comfort food like, actually. I thought about adding peas to it, for some veg matter, but didn't in the end. Next time perhaps. Followed by a big salad. Then we finished off the cherry sorbet, which is a good thing since there are two more ice creams ready to go.

Sunday/22-May-11: Today was the day for French taxes, so not much going on in the kitchen. Defrosted a pair of turkey scallops and breaded them (dipping first in flour, then in buttermilk, then polenta with garlic and chili powders). Served those with shredded zucchini, also from the freezer, more or less following the MW@Home recipe. For a salad we had the rest of Wednesday dinner with red-leaf lettuce from the garden.

Progress on goals
This week: #1 VEG/FISH: yes, #2 SOUP: no, #3 MIDDAY: yes
This month: #4 PASTA: yes

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