Monday, November 29, 2010

This week in the kitchen

Monday/29-Nov-10: Dinner was a recipe collected from EAT-L, Stir-Fry with Fried Egg and Flavored Vinegar (soon to be MC). Yum. This is definitely a keeper. Stirred in mâche instead of spinach and Ed said not to use spinach on the next try. I think it would be OK, but mâche is more likely to be in the house. For a contrast, a bit of goat cheese for after.

Tuesday/30-Nov-10: Ed found corn on the cob at Géant yesterday, so we had that for dinner, along with some grilled chipolatas and some of Dusolier's perfect roast potatoes. Kind of a comfort dinner. A bit odd to be eating corn on the cob at the end of November with snow on the ground.

Wednesday/1-Dec-10: Oops, missed the mobile boulanger, no bread in the house, and the roads are not good for going out. Lunch was cheese and sliced onions (and cherry toms for me) in pitas, grilled till the cheese melted. Not bad.

For dinner I marinated a pair of bavettes from the freezer in a made-up marinade of 2tbl olive oil, 2tbl soy sauce (tamari, really), 1tbl of red wine vinegar, a goodly dash of garlic powder, and a lot of freshly ground black pepper. (A bavette is a cut of beef that looks to be similar to flank steak, thin and wrong-way grain, but much smaller than a flank steak.) They marinated a good while, while they were defrosting. Then I grilled them under the broiler. Good they were. I'd use a bit less of the soy sauce next time, no more than 1.5tbl I think, maybe less. Served these with some trio rice and some steamed broccoli. Served this with the rest of the gravy I made from turkey stock. This went well with the rice and broc, but not so good with the beef. Oh well. For dessert I toasted a Belgian waffle from the freezer and defrosted some mixed berries and whipped up some cream with a bit of vanilla sugar. (The cream was from an unopened bottle that expired in October. It smelled and tasted OK, so I went ahead and used it.)

Made up some Buckwheat Cornmeal Bread (BigGerman, p38) to bake overnight. First time for this recipe, which is a bit odd in that it calls for the same amount of liquid for the medium and large loaves. I reduced this a bit. We'll see in the morning.

Yogurt on overnight.

Thursday/2-Dec: The Buckwheat Cornmeal Bread was good! Tasty with a nice texture.

Lunch was Cooking Italy's Pasta e Fagioli. We ate all of what should have been six servings. Yum!

Friday/3-Dec: We're still a bit snowed in . Made a rapid version of Authentic French Bread (Magic, p22) the only ATM bread whose recipe I can remember.

Dinner was Moroccan Chicken and Orzo (MC, CL96, p130), a favorite of orzo-loving Ed. Used up the cilantro he bought a Géant on Monday. Followed by a salad of mâche and the rest of a so-so goat cheese.

The kitchen felt cold to me all day. Must look for an excuse to bake something tomorrow.

Saturday/4-Dec: I meant to make a quickie bread this morning, but didn't get a round tuit. With no bread for sandwiches, I made a little pasta dish for lunch. For the sauce I started with the last bit of shroom gravy. I soaked some dried porcini and added those with the soaking juice, a bit more gevogelte fond, slices from a cooked merguez from the freezer, and a dab of crème fraîche. Boiled up a bit of broccoli and some orechiette and stirred it all together. Not half bad.

Dinner was an old recipe from MC, Potato Casserole with Cheese and Mushrooms. This used up the oldest thing in the freezer, a lump of mozzarella. Served this with a big salad. Also good.

Sunday/5-Dec: Temps above 0C, so roads are melting, sort of. Went to the grocery this morning. It was empty of fresh food. No lettuce-y things. No potatoes or other root veggies. Three miserable looking eggplants. Yellowed broccoli well past its use-by date. Four scrawny sweet potatoes, which, in retrospect, I should have bought. A handful of shriveled up limes. Sigh.

Put the leg of lamb from the freezer on to marinate for tomorrow's dinner. Luckily it's cold enough to leave it outside, otherwise it would be a strain on the fridge contents.

Dinner was Gnocchi with Shrimp, Asparagus, and Pesto (Cooking Light, sep10). Since there's no basil available, I used ricotta pesto from the freezer. An altogether weird recipe. All good things, but nothing goes together. Not to save. Sophie managed to get into the supposedly closed cupboard where the shrimp were defrosting and ate about half of what was there. I'll have to find a better place to put these things up.

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