Monday, November 22, 2010

This week in the kitchen

Monday/22-Nov-10: Pulling the Thanksgiving menu together today, a bit belatedly. Ed looked at Géant for cranberries without luck. We may have a cranberry relish with dried cranberries this time. Made the cornbread for cornbread stuffing. Starting to worry about when I'll get everything done, since a large chunk of Wednesday is otherwise occupied.

Yogurt on overnight.

Tuesday/23-Nov-10: Off for shopping this morning. Still no cranberries to be found. Dinner was Tamarind Fish, a recipe I collected from a site where I've gotten some real winners. This wasn't one unfortunately. Served with rice and lots of lime-chile chutney to add some flavor. A salad after, and then a bit of "napoleon" cake.

Wednesdsay/24-Nov-10: Lunch at Sally and Mike's today, then she and I went off to have our hair cut. I picked up our turkey on the way home. It was a tiny litte thing. I was surprised that it weighed in at 2.6kg, when I had asked for one about 4kg. Seems like it was 4kg before it was killed and cleaned. I always thought I was asking for the dressed weight, rather than the live weight. I'll have to remember this next year. Yesterday, I bought a box of gizzards (for the non-stuffing) at the shop. Today I asked for some hearts and livers to go along with these. None to be had, but he kindly took the neck, heart, liver, and gizzard from a chicken in the display case. Tonight I made the pickled green beans and the cranberry relish, using up my stash of dried cranberries rather than fresh, which are not to be had right now. Have a lot to do tomorrow now.

Thursday/25-Nov-10: It's Thanksgiving. All day in the kitchen.

Friday/26-Nov-10: A really lazy day today. Leftovers for dinner. The cranberry-orange relish seems to be improving with age. The turkey is still in nature's refrigerator outside. I'll have to break down and get it picked tomorrow morning. We really can use some stock.

Saturday/27-Nov-10: Picked the turkey and made stock. Froze up two 8-oz ziplocs of turkey meat and three 2-cups of turkey juice. Not much really, but it was a just a tiny turkey. Lunch was turkey sandwiches, of course. Dinner was the rest of Barbara's Greek Onion-Leek Pie. It reheated well. And a salad, very simple. And the end of the pumpkin pie.

Put on the Buttermilk Bread (MC) from the laughable Thanksgiving cloverleaf rolls overnight.

Sunday/28-Nov-10: The Buttermilk Bread turned out fine. Can't think what went wrong on turkey day. Dinner was the rest of the leftovers, dressing, sweet potatoes, and cranberry relish, along with a new batch of gravy. Made too much of that, so need to use it for something else soon. Back to cooking now.

Yogurt on overnight.

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