Monday, March 15, 2010

This week in the kitchen

Monday/15-Mar-10: The buckwheat bread was again a hit. Such a good brown bread. Breakfast and lunch.

This week we're in clearing-out-the-fridge- mode, prior to our NL trip. For dinner there was Gratin d'Aubergines (MedSeed, p55). I made about a third recipe. My aubergine was quite small, so I added a courgette. Made a nice mixture. Then there was a big salad, followed by the last of the Petit Livarot. We ate all of this cheese in three sittings, maybe a bit much.

Tuesday/16-Mar-10: Finished off the buckwheat bread for breakfast. Picked the chicken and made stock. Froze some of the meat and save a bit out for dinner. Had in mind to made a chicken something for dinner with shrooms and broccoli needing to be used up, but found a Stirfry in Curry Sauce on 28cooks (soon to be MC) and made that instead. For dessert there was Bill's Slow Food Filled Apples (MC), tasty, although the apples weren't quite as done as they might have been. Baked apples seem like real home-style food. I can't quite imagine them in a restaurant. Ed's thinks they're not southern at all.

Wednesday/17-Mar-10: Worked a lot in the garden today. Started out thinking I'd make to make a chicken chowder sort of thing for dinner, but then Pour-Cousin Paella (Secrets, p249) came to mind, so I made that up instead. Used up the rest of a sack of small frozen shrimp, plus some of the dried ham that's still hanging around. Added a good squirt of harissa while it was cooking, which barely added any heat. Ended up adding chipotle tabasco at the table, which made it really good. For a starter, I tossed Cooking Italy's leeks and artichokes with a bit of vinaigrette and served with a half Little Gem each. This was better than the first night, we both thought. For dessert, I mixed up the last bit of ricotta with some cocoa and powdered sugar and a dash of vanilla extract. Good and rich.

Thursday/18-Mar-10: We had lunch at La Bellone today, so had our usual fruit and sandwich and crossword for dinner. I got the chicken stock ready for the freezer and whizzed up some faux pizza sauce. Pizza when we return. Tomorrow we're off to the Netherlands for a week of R&R.

Saturday/27-Mar-10: Dinner by candlelight for Earth Hour tonight. Spaghetti with Carbonara Sauce for Cooking Italy tonight, followed by a big salad. St Felicien for afters.

Sunday/28-Mar-10: Started the day thinking I'd roast a chicken by didn't feel like it in the end. Instead I made (more or less) a quarter recipe of Cooking Light's Spinach Pie with Goat Cheese, Raisins, and Pine Nuts, using up an open package of phyllo and the rest of the frozen spinach. It was pretty good, but nothing very special. Served with a big salad. Some scholiertjes for dessert.

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