Sunday, March 14, 2010

Roast Chicken with Lemons; Braised Artichokes and Leeks

Cooking Italy Assignment
Roast Chicken with Lemon, p327
Braised Artichokes and Leeks, p452

I've made this recipe before, but it's well past time to roast another chicken, since there's no more stock in the freezer, so here we go again. It's basically just a salt and peppered chicken with two lemons inside. Ordinarily I might do one lemon and accompanied by onion, but the more lemons the merrier I guess. A good quality chick makes it better, or course. So here's this week's chickie all trussed up and nowhere to go (but the oven):

I'm clearly not an expert at this trussing business, but it works OK.

Although I didn't write any notes on this recipe the previous time, I seem to remember that the chicken wasn't done in the expected time. I wrote this off as problems with the old oven which, being thermostat-less, was never the best in the world. This guy got roasted in my shiny new oven, but still took longer than the advertised time, but the chickie weighed in at 1.6kg, which is just over 4# so maybe I didn't allow quite enough time.

While the chick was roasting, I made the braised artichokes and leeks dish, which we found quite disappointing. Two vegetables we like, turned to blah. First you cook the leeks till they're done, then you add the chokes and cook another 30 minutes. Yum, overcooked leeks. And altogether it was your basic monotone dish without much eye appeal. (I'll try the cold leftovers with a vinaigrette later this week and see if that might help.)

The chick was quite attractive when it came from the oven, and tasted good to boot. Tomorrow the carcass will start its transformation into stock.

The turning and temperature change make this a bit of a fussy roast chicken (30 minutes breast down 30 minutes breast up, raise the temperature for another 30 minutes), but it came out well for all the busy-ness.

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  1. The chicken looks like it came out PERFECT. Also, your chicken is shaped similar to the one I bought. Kind of oblong. I messed up with leeks and artichoke dish. I meant to only do the leeks. I think you're right. It doesn't sound good.