Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Cookbook Countdown : Rhubarb Ring with Strawberries

My Time-Life Foods of the World book for the last half of May and June is American Cooking: The Northwest. (Only four more to go to finish the project at the end of the year.)

It's rhubarb season, and I already had my eye on a rhubarb-strawberry pie for this week, since rhubarb is in season (at least at the shops, not yet in my garden). When I saw this rather retro treat, Rhubarb Ring with Strawberries (p115), I made a quick change to the meal plan to use what I'd already bought.

Foods set with gelatin seem to have fallen out of fashion, but I still enjoy them occasionally. Plus I have a lifetime supply of gelatin that I'm trying to make a dent in. (I once asked someone to send me either two or three 4-packs of gelatin, or one 10-pack. Instead I got three 10-packs. Very well supplied, I am!)

This recipe calls for 2 pounds of fresh rhubarb to make 4 cups of 1/2" pieces. I had a kilo of rhubarb, but my 4-cup measure was full with 1 pound left over. (The leftover bit turned into a very yummy Strawberry Rhubarb Quick Jam.) The rhubarb is cooked with sugar for 10 minutes (I used only 3/4 cup instead of the 1 cup asked). Meanwhile gelation gets softened in water, then stirred into the cooked rhubarb. Then all gets poured into a 1-quart mold. Not having a 1-quart mold, I used my smaller bundt pan, which probably hold about two quarts.

After chilling, the rhubarb ring is served with strawberries and whipped cream with a tablespoon of sugar and another of rum added. That bit of rum was a seriously good touch.

Much of my rhubarb not the seriously red kind, but only red-tinged. The result was kind of a pea-green ring, rather than the bright red offered in the book. Maybe not as pretty, but very tasty.

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  1. Hi Kaye! Do add this post to CC#5!!

    1. This is a my next book. I'm saving it for CC#6 tomorrow!

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  3. Hi Kaye,
    I have always wanted to try fresh rhubarb. And I always see that rhubarb's best friends are the strawberries. That is a lot of gelatin! I love gelatin desserts, very enjoyable especially when chilled. Your touch of rum sounds divine! This is the perfect dessert to enjoy after a rich meal!

    1. Hi Kaye,
      That comment is from me, Joyce! :)