Friday, May 27, 2016

Cookbook Countdown: Plum Jam

Continuing with the putting-by theme from The Cooking of the British Isles, today I made Plum Jam (p5). Out-of-season plums are in the shop; these were from South Africa, not exactly eating local.

I had less than a kilo, so I cut the recipe back to about a third and ended up with two jars of jam. This was the first time I've made a stone-fruit jam that called for kernels from the pits. You can see one at the top of the left jar.

Because we have too many open jars of jam-y things in the fridge right now (apple butter, cherry, and strawberry-raspberry), I put these into the freezer. The spoon licking I did was very promising, though. When we're ready for another preserve, one of these jars will be the next one on the table.

Stop by Cookbook Countdown to see what other folks are making from their cookbook-of-the-month. You could even join in if you want!


  1. Very interesting jam, with the stone/pits included! Very suitable for lazy cooks like me! Thanks for advertising for CC!

  2. Hi Kaye,
    Lovely jam! I have jars of different jam, cluttering my fridge too, planning to make some jam tarts to finish them all up!
    Thank you for your wonderful suggestion on the list of cookbooks. We have updated it at CC! :)