Monday, June 22, 2015

This week in the kitchen

Monday/23-Jun-15: Dinner was a 20-minute supper, Shrimp & Greens Curry (web), easy and quite tasty. I planned this because there has been bok choy in the shops lately. But not this week, so I used  spinach instead. Served over rice. Some yummy little apple tartlettes from the boulanergie for dessert.

Tuesday/24-Jun-15: A friend whose wife is away for a week came for lunch today. We bbq'd Grilled Lime-Marinated Flank Steak with Chipotle-Honey Sauce (Thrill, p141; cookbooker). French cows don't have flanks, so I used bavettes instead (no idea what those might be in English). The sauce (with slightly less honey than asked) was scrumptious. Schlesinger and Willoughby recommend serving this with Black Bean Salad (Thrill, p319) and Corn Bread Salad with Lime Juice and Cilantro (Thrill, p312), so I did. These are so much alike, it really wasn't a good suggestion, I think. I've made the black bean salad before; it was still good. The corn bread salad was ok. Might have been a bit better if my corn bread had risen properly; this is where I discovered my unexpired baking powder was dead. Neil brought some Nutella chocolate brownies with ginger for dessert and I made some easy vanilla ice cream. No more food needed for the day.

Wednesday/25-Jun-15: We ate at the marché des producteurs in La Roche this evening. Nothing happened in the kitchen,

Thursday/26-Jun-15: Went up to the Montemboeuf market this morning to see what I could find, and stopped at the butcher for some nice pork chops. Since we're changing shopping day to Friday, I hope to visit the market more often.

Dinner was, yes, grilled pork chops, topped with the yummy sauce from Tuesday. Then some potatoes, loosely based on Crash Hot Potatoes (web). (I drizzled with a mix of olive oil, harissa, sale, sesame seed, and lemon juice.) And some of the combined black bean and corn bread salads. Mixed the rest of the sauce into this for future use.

Friday/27-Jun-15: Shopping today. During which we learned lots of people buy fish on Friday. I walked away from a line with two people in front of me, only to come back to a line with six people in front of me. Sigh. But, they had samphire/salicorne/zeekraal.

So I changed the menu and made Roergebakken Zalm met Zeekraal en Knoflook (which I got in a newsletter from, but can only find online here); that's Stir-fried Salmon with Samphire and Garlic. Served over tagliatelle. I hadn't realized that there was enough samphire to call that this a one-dish meal, so I also made a quarter recipe of Green Beans and Radishes Braised in Orange Juice (web). I took a bite of this, but the rest is in the fridge for another night, maybe as a salad. Two squares of dark chocolate with almonds for after. (Dark chocolate with hazelnnuts, my favorite, seems to be out these days.)

Saturday/28-Jun-15: Not much happened in the kitchen today. We had dinner at the Fête de la Motte in the evening.

Sunday/29-Jun-15: Starting to deal with the flat of apricots I bought on Friday. Made a half recipe of Apricot Habernero Salsa (p72, PutEmFruit) which made less that expected. Tasted pretty good

We had our main meal in the early afternoon: Ricotta-Zucchini Pasta Salad (web). Surprisingly tasty for as easy as it was. Then a salad. Then some fruit juice popsicles.

Another 2kg of apricot's going for Fatima's Confiture d'Abricots, the one with almonds, except I had an inventory failure and there were no sliced almonds. And, yes, well, I bought the apricots to make jam, but forgot to buy extra sugar. We're now more or less out. Guess I'll have to stop somewhere tomorrow to get more so I can finish off the last batch of apricots. Eight AH jars from this batch into the freezer.

Progress on goals
This week: #1 BACKLOG: yes; #2 UNUSED: yes; #3 GRAINS: yes; #4 VEG/FISH: 3
This month: #5 PASTA: yes; #6 BREAD: no; #7 FotW: no for June

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