Monday, October 20, 2014

IHCC Nigel Slater summary

Slater's cookbooks have been favorites since I picked up Real Fast Food on a sale table. I love the way many of his recipes are more like suggestions of what you can do. I also like that his recipes are frequently for two, so there's no need for scaling back. So, I was eager to do the I Heart Cooking Clubs Nigel Slater challenge. I started off well, but lost the oomph to do the special posts near the end, even when I had made the meal. Oh well. Even so, I actually cooked more with Slater during this time than I posted.

I've reshelved my Slater books now (the challenge books tend to sit out on the table while the challenge is in progress), but now find there's no longer room for them. The 30-Minute Cook that I got just before this challenge started has no place. And I've got three more of his books on order, Kitchen Diaries II, and Tender I and II. Where will they go? My cookbook space is really being stressed out right now.

My Slater books 
  • 30MinCook: The 30-Minute Cook, by Nigel Slater (ISBN 9780141029528). This is my newest Slater book and a real winner. [8 recipes]
  • Diaries: The Kitchen Diaries, by Nigel Slater (ISBN 9780007241156). A wonderful read and full of delicious recipes. Worth the price for the slow-roasted lamb leg that I've done twice now, but didn't include in these posts. [5 recipes]
  • FastPuds: Real Fast Puddings, by Nigel Slater (ISBN 9780141029511). Haven't found that much interesting here (we're not really dessert people), but loved the one I made [1 recipe]
  • RealCook: Real Cooking, by Nigel Slater) (ISBN 0140252770). Not my most used of Slater's books, but still good. [2 recipes]
  • RealFast: Real Fast Food, by Nigel Slater (ISBN 0879516429), cookbooker. My first Slater book, bought on spec from a sale table. [4 recipes]

Recipes I tried 

PostRecipeBook, pageRating
PostLamb Sirloin Chops with Yogurt and Mint
very good 
RealFast, p240+++
Fragrant Brown Basmati Rice
less successful, slightly odd instruction, try again 
RealFast, p203+
PostHerbed Salmon with Garlic Cream Sauce
very good and easy
30MinCook, p118+++
Lamb Hash
simply and good, tasty with the simples of seasonings
30MinCook, p179+++
Lamb in Spiced Gravy
a yummy, Indian-ish way for leftovers
30MinCook, p179+++
PostChicken and Rice Salad
tasty, vaguely Asian chicken salad
Diaries, p187+++
PostBroiled Potatoes
cheesed up for a main, or a nice side
RealFast, p173+++
PostGrilled Fish with Chermoula
yummy fast fish
30MinCook, p124+++
PostPancetta and Blue Cheese Risotto
good risotto
RealCook, p169+++
PostShepherd's Pie with Spiced Parsnip Mash
very good variation on shepherd's pie
RealCook p119+++
PostEscalope of Pork with Asparagus and Cheese
30MinCook, pxx+++
PostA Shrimp Omelette
with potted shrimp
Diaries, p195+++
PostChicken Livers with Vinegar and Onions
something to try again with proper chicken livers
30MinCook, p201+++
PostFusilli with Olives, Anchovies, and Capers
more yummy pasta
RealFast, p119+++
PostGoat's Cheese and Olive Aubergines
nice starter
30MinCook, p33+++
PostPork Chops, Mustard Sauce
good with and without the chopped cornichons
Diaries, p51+++
PostGoat's Cheese and Fruit
starter or dessert?
30MinCook, p92++
A Refreshing Salad for a Hot Day
as it says
Diaries, p231+++
PostChocolate Almonds
oh my
FastPuds, p133+++
PostLemon and Basil Linguine
lemony deliciousness
Diaries, p130+++

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