Monday, September 2, 2013

This week in the kitchen

Monday/2-Sep-13: Computer order largely restored by the end of the day. Breathed a sigh of relief, then made the tart I didn't get to post for last week on IHCC, Ottolenghi's Caramelised Garlic Tart (web). Definitely a keeper. Ed ate half instead of a quarter. I see it's supposed to serve 8; that must be as a first course. Takes longer than advertised also. But not hard, and worth it. Served with a salad. For the dressing, I chopped up a seeded tomato and added to the leftover tzatziki. Good it was.

Laying of the floor was finished today! Still to be done are the baseboards, the join between the hard tiles and the cork tiles, and some other miscellaneous things. The sink and its counter will be installed on the 10th. Yay!

Tuesday/3-Sep-13: Looks like the next IHCC chef will be Donna Hay, whom I know next to nothing about. Have none of her cookbooks, none of them catch my eye, and I really don't need yet another cookbook anyhow. (Although, I do hope Santa will bring me one from Tessa Kiros, one of the early IHCC chefs.)

For dinner, I grilled some barely defrosted kip filets with vaguely Greek spices. And some steamed broccoli with garlic and a but if red pepper flakes steeped in olive oil. And some Lemon-Dill Orzo Pasta Salad with Cucumbers, Olives, & Feta (web). This salad was a hit; would be great at a picnic sort of thing.

Wednesday/4-Sep-13: Yogurt on overday. Shopping today.

Dinner with a halfish recipe of Scamp with Lemon-Zucchini Sauce (CL88, p122). Ok, I used cod instead of scamp. This was dredged in cornmeal paprika-spiked cornmeal and baked; good, but a bit of chili powder might be nice instead of, or in addition to, the paprika. The sauce, I read now, was supposed to be cooked, but I made it as a relish. And very good it was. A bit like tartar sauce with a really good flavor. Then some trio rice and some Perfect Roasted Green Beans (web), which is indeed a very good way to do green beans. Especially nice because they came from our own garden. Mini magnums for dessert.

Thursday/5-Sep-13: A forgettable crockpot dinner tonight, Balsamic Glazed Pork Tenderloins with Cherry Tomato Salad (web). I cut the sugar in half and it was still too sweet. So, sweet but boring. The same sauce for the pork was used as the dressing for the salad (tomatoes, red onion, parsley, basil). Ho hum.

Friday/6-Sep-13: Made some Authentic French Bread in the ABM, out of my head, and using one third whole wheat flour.

Dinner was Elsie's Zucchini Pancakes with Sour Cream Sauce (CastIron, p124; cookbooker). Using one big zucchini (with one cup for the freezer), I made a whole recipe with half the sour cream sauce. What was supposed to serve 6 (as side servings, I suppose) served 2 as a main. Very good zuke pancakes. I didn't heat the sauce, just let it sit at room temp. Very good it all was. Ed said I could make the again in a week. For dessert, there was Peach, Almond, and Cardamom Clafoutis (Dusoulier2, p93; cookbooker), with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, which was quite tasty although it didn't seem to get done enough even with ten extra minutes. Nevertheless it was very good and Ed had seconds.

Saturday/7-Sep-13: Yogurt on overday.

Defrosted the fridge again, since I seem not to have done it thoroughly last time. (I.e., if not completely done, water seems to end up  under the crisper instead of draining away. Moved it back into position, so things are closer to  normal in the kitchen now.

For dinner I defrosted the end of a turkey roll, cut it in slices and browned those, then made a bit of pan sauce with green peppercorns to go over it. And some sautéed zucchini (suprise!) and a slim slice of the caramelized garlic tart. Made a salad, but we didn't feel like eating it.

Sunday/8-Sep-13: Dinner was a halfish version of Creamy Butternut, Blue Cheese, and Walnut Cavatappi (web), a dish with possibilities. I forgot to buy a blue cheese last week, so went to our small local grocery this morning to get some. They had only roquefort, which both of us find a bit strong, and a bleu de Bresse, which turned out to be seriously wimpy. The winter squash we've got growing were, I though, supposed to have orange flesh, but they're kind of pale green, so the dish was not as colorful as it could have been. And we're out of eggs (none to be found at local grocery) so the sauce wasn't as rich as it should have been. The recipe calls for 8 oz cavatappi for four, which seems a bit light, so I used 6 oz for the two of us. Which was a bit much for the sauce. The walnuts were a good touch. Might do again with a proper cheese and a prettier squash. Also had a salad. And some double chocolate mini magnums for a dog walk.

Progress on goals
This week: #1 IHCC/COOKBOOKS: yes, #2 VEG/FISH: 4
This month: #3 PASTA: no, #4 BREAD: no

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