Thursday, February 14, 2013

IHCC: Show Your Love!

This week I made a sweet for my sweetie. He especially likes pistachios right now, so when I found the recipe for Mrs Kumud Kansara's Coco Pista Pasand—Coconut Pistachio Sweetmeats in Flavours of India (p88), I knew I'd found what I was going to make.

Indian sweetmeats are typically very sweet, and these are no exception, but the tastes are very yummy. You start here by making a paste of unsalted pistachios, confectioner's sugar, poppy seeds, and milk. The recipe calls for white poppy seeds, but I read on the web that white and black are interchangeable, so I used those. Perhaps if I'd had white poppy seeds to use, the pistachio paste layer wouldn't have been visible, so the flavor would have been a surprise.

Next you make a simple syrup that makes a single thread when dropped from a spoon into cold water. I'm not at all experienced with this kind of thing and found it a bit hard to see the "thread" when you drop clear syrup into clear water. But after several tries I did think I saw the shadow of a single thread floating, so I called it done. Off the heat, you stir in coconut and a powder of ground cardamom pods (yes, pods and seeds ground together). When that is well mixed, you stir in 1/4 cup of condensed milk. (Now what am I going to do with the rest of that can?)

While the coconut paste is still warm, you roll it into a 9" sausage, then flatten it. My coconut paste didn't want to hold together all that well, making me wonder if I didn't get the syrup "hard" enough.

Next you roll the pistachio paste into a similar length. My pistachio paste didn't really hold together that well, but it was fairly easy to make several string-like bits to lay out on the coconut. Then, using the plastic wrap that you formed the coconut rectangle on, you roll the coconut over the pistachio, making a little log. Cool this, then slice to serve.

We've been enjoying these (very) sweetmeats with our afternoon tea and coffee, and very tasty they are!

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  1. This sounds like a very unique and challenging recipe. I always have trouble working with sugar on the stovetop trying to reach a certain temperature, etc. Looks like you executed it perfectly :)

  2. Quite an an achievement! I'm impressed and they look delicious. I always buy a few Indian sweets at the Diwali Festival but I have never made any as I thought they would be too complicated.

  3. @Kim, not *quite* perfectly, I think, since these do have a tendency to fall apart, whereas I think they might hold together if the sugar syrup were a bit "stronger".
    @Lyn, these really weren't too hard at all. I'm kind of clunky (awkward and inexperienced) with this kind of cooking, but they turned out fine, if a bit on the fall-apart side.

    In spite of me, they taste delicious!

  4. I have not attempted Indian sweets and admire you for doing it so well! I like the color of the pistachio paste in the middle. ;-)