Monday, January 28, 2013

This week in the kitchen

Monday/28-Jan-13: Yogurt on overday. Yippee—the brushes for the washing machine arrived. We're busy washing washing washing.

Ed went to a late afternoon at a movie and didn't get home to late, so we had soup for dinner, one of the zucchini ones that I made last summer and froze directly. Good it was, too. I'll have to remember to make this again.

Put on some No-Knead Bread (Essential, p670). This is the same Lahey recipe that I tried before, and maybe it looks a bit "shaggier" this time. It's supposed to sit in a warm room, 70F. Ha! I did set the bowl near the heater, which is off overnight. We'll see how it does.

Tuesday/29-Jan-13: Whoa, actually got some mending done today! Don't know what got into me. There are still two pairs of gloves with broken seams hiding in the pile from last winter. Sigh.

Well, shaggier was the bread maybe, but there was still no ball-forming for the final rise. Just a puddle on the counter. It bubbles up all nice, so I think the yeast is OK. After my last experience, this time I measured the water with a light hand and the flour with a heavy hand. Didn't seem to help at all. This went in the oven while I was preparing dinner.

Dinner was Skillet Chicken, Broccoli, Ziti, and Asiago Cheese. (I got this from EAT-L, but I just found it here.) Yummy stuff, a one-dish dinner cooked in a single pot. For dessert we had ... bread. First to wipe our plates, then just to eat. It may be a mess on the way to the oven, and it's certainly nothing like a boule, but it is yummy.

Wednesday/30-Jan-13: Shopping today. Found some 120g bits on non-GMO salmon (did we know that we needed to worry about GMO fish?) on sale because they expire tomorrow. Bought the last three and froze them. (I usually ask for 300-400g for the two of us.)

Dinner was Fried Fish Steaks (100Curries, p40; Q&E, p67) made with some lovely salmon. Not sure why I've overlooked this in Q&E. Someone recently made it for IHCC and I thought I'd give it a try. Good idea! Accompanied by Green Peas in a Creamy Sauce (Q&E, p87) and Indian Mashed Potatoes (Q&E, p90). All was yummy.

Thursday/31-Jan-13: Yogurt on overday.

Indian dinner for IHCC tonight, which took a bit of time to prepare. There was Whole Chicken, Baked in Aluminum Foil (Murgh musallam) (MJ1, p80) with Mushroom Pullao (MJ1, p152) and Spicy Cucumber Wedges (MJ1, p172). There should have been raita, but there was no yogurt in time. Some double chocolate mini-Magnums for dessert. How Indian is that?

Friday/1-Feb-13: Ed's off at driving class today; both of us up at 7am. DInner was a half dose of Mushroom Barley Risotto (Bishop, p358). It was good, but I'm not sure for all the risotto bother, that is was that good. Then a salad. That was all.

Saturday/2-Feb-13: The last day of driving class today. Whew! Dinner was a half dose of Linguine with Tuna Fish Sauce (PastaCarluccio, p24). This was surprisingly good, also fast; some ginger slices in the tomato sauce was a nice touch. Followed by a big salad.

Sunday/3-Feb-13: Finished off the zucchini soup today for lunch/dinner. Then went a movie. That's all.

Yogurt on overnight.

Progress on goals
This week: #1 IHCC/COOKBOOKS: yes, #2 VEG/FISH: 5
This month: #3 PASTA: yes for January/no for February, #4 BREAD: yes for January/no for February

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