Sunday, January 20, 2013

IHCC: Dried fruit!

Finding an interesting recipe to try using dried fruit was more of a challenge than I expected. Of course lots of Indian dishes have raisins, which really aren't very inspiring and choosing between the recipes was hard. Then I found Stewed Dried Fruit in World of the East Vegetarian Food (p388), a recipe from the Caucasus. Plus it was going to help use up a recently opened box of dried figs.

You can't get much easier than this for the cooking. Plop your dried fruit in a saucepan, add water, bring to a boil, and simmer for half an hour. Stir in sugar and simmer till it's dissolved. As Jaffrey suggests, I removed the fruit and simmered the juice until it was reduced quite a bit. The recipe calls for dried prunes, figs, and apricots, plus slices of lemon. I'm sure you could use whatever fruit you have available. Serve warm or cold, plain, or with yogurt or cream. They'll show up over ice cream for tonight's dinner, I expect.

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  1. I bet those dried figs were brought to life in your thickened sauce. And over ice cream...delicious!

  2. Over ice cream -- yes! Very good this was!

  3. What a great way to incorporate figs into a dessert. And I imagine you could cook this well beforehand, and keep it for a few days afterwards. i'd be happy to eat it again with my muesli for breakfast.