Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas dinner 2012

Another small xmas dinner with just the two of us. It occurs to me that in Amstelveen we had access to a small population of folks who needed dinner, but here we don't  have that network. Our Brit friends like to eat out at British restaurants, where the food is good enough, but nothing special. We both like having a relaxed morning and eating at home.

Our starter was what we've been having for many years now, slices of foie gras wrapped in dried duck, accompanied by a bit of arugula and vinaigrette. Oh so yummy. Oh so rich. The xmas market where we've been getting this has enlarged, but strangely seems to have fewer good food vendors, so this may be the last time we get this.

Finding nothing of interest for a main course at the xmas marché, I fell back on the two coquelets I bought at the grocery as backup. Thinking I'd just roast them simply with some herbs, I was wandering through cookbooks looking for cooking times when I ran across Bademiya's Justly Famous Bombay Chile-and-Cilantro Chicken (Essential, p471). This looked very appealing and I happened to have everything needed on hand, so did a bit of replanning to accommodate this as the main course. I spatchcocked the chickies and marinated them, but ended up cutting them in half to serve since they were a bit too big for the plates. These were accompanied by Cilantro Sauce from the recipe, the suggested String Beans with Ginger and Garlic (Essential, p260), and Indian Mashed Potatoes (Q&E, p90).

We both enjoyed it all, along with a lovely bottle of Sancerre. I expected this to be a bit overwhelmed by the spicy coquelets, but it actually was a good accompaniment.

Dessert was a laugh. I chose a promising recipe for Amaretti Chocolate Cake (web). Promising, yes. Definitely a positive on taste. But a cake, no. More like some kind of mousse, very soggy. A 4 of 5 for taste, but a 0 for presentation. Not sure what the problem was, but I expect the amount of cream is wrong.

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