Monday, August 27, 2012

This week in the kitchen

Monday/27-Aug-12: Pizza round 2, a loose interpretation of Chicken and Herb White Pizza (CL/oct11), using the store-bought pizza and turkey (still from Thanksgiving!). It was OK. Ed says my homemade pizza crust is tastier, if thicker, more like foccacia really. A bit of Bittersweet Chocolate Pudding for afters.

Tuesday/28-Aug-12: A neighbor brought a bowlful of plums. Made some Plum Amaretto Jam (SmallBatch, p50) and still have a quart or more or mirabelles left. Tomorrow maybe.

Pizza round 3. Ed didn't say "lunchtime" till 15.30, which would have made dinner way too late. So I popped the leftover pizza in the oven and we had that for whatever meal you call it at 16.00. Later we had some fruit.

Wednesday/29-Aug-12: Shopping today, pretty much following the list. Froze up the Vanilla Ice Milk (MC); I'd cut this recipe back by a quarter, but it was still a bit too much for my freezer.

Dinner was a half dose of Zucchini Rice Casserole (web, cookbooker), good but a long time in the cooking (nothing difficult, just time in the oven). Beforehand we had some "toasts" with chive Boursin topped with smoked salmon. Followed by a salad. Then we finished off the Bittersweet Chocolate Pudding.

Thursday/30-Aug-12: Had our main meal at lunch today, a half dose of Cashew Salmon with Apricot Couscous (web), very good. Would be a nice company meal probably. Then a salad. And then chocolate mini Magnums for an easy dessert.

Yogurt on overnight.

Friday/31-Aug-12: After the little bit of rain, the squash plants are blooming like mad. The day turned into a kitchen day somehow.

Roasted another pair of beets from the garden. Made some Marinated Zucchini Sticks (Goldbeck, p67), which turned out to be pretty good, although we really didn't need them in the end. Then made again Chocolate Zucchini Cake (TooMany, p215). Used most of the Chinese cabbage I bought for Mama's Garlic Coleslaw (MC), which is a very nice coleslaw. Then there were Savory Grilled Potatoes (MC), which I did in the toaster oven rather than on the grill. The main was grilled kip filets with Chipotle-Sage Dry Rub (HC); a tasty rub, have a bit in the freezer now. Fridge is full of leftovers too.

Sally came for dinner after visiting Mike in the hospital. He may get out on Sunday after more than a week. Sent her home with some Chocolate Zucchini Cake.

Saturday/1-Sep-12: One of my weekly cleaning tasks is to "deep-clean" three shelves, i.e., all the books off each shelf, dust or vacuum, dust the books and replace them, considering if there are any candidates for recycling. Today I'm back to the beginning! The goal was to go all the way around in a year, but I think it's been a bit quicker, so maybe I need to slow down my pace.

Finished off the Zucchini Rice Casserole and Mama's Garlic Coleslaw for dinner. No dessert since we had Chocolate Zucchini Cake after lunch.

Sunday/2-Sep-12: Sort of ate our main meal at lunch today, two of us split one three-course meal at a vide grenier. In the evening, we had a big salad with some cooked chicken. And some Chocolate Zucchini Cake.

Progress on goals
This week: #1 COOKBOOKS: yes, #2 BREAD: no, #3 SOUP: no, #4 MIDDAY: yes, #5 VEG/FISH: 2
This month: #6 PASTA: yes for Aug, no for Sep

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