Monday, September 12, 2011

This week in the kitchen

Monday/12-Sep-11: Deseeded all the big tomatoes from yesterday and cooked up a mess of tomato sauce. It will go in the fridge tonight and I'll freeze it up tomorrow.

Dinner was a half dose of a moldy-oldy favorite, Goat Cheese, Chive, and Chili Pepper Sauce (MarCuc, p167). Could hardly be simpler or faster or tastier. And a salad. And some apricot clafoutis courtesy of Bonne Maman.

Tuesday/13-Sep-11: Froze 5 ziplocs each with a long cup of tomato sauce today. Looking forward to more tomatoes so we can do that again. A frozen treasure.

Dinner was extraordinarily conventional: grilled bavettes that had been marinated in olive oil/tamari/red wine vinegar/garlic powder/black pepper; Dusolier's perfect roasted potatoes; and steamed broccoli tossed with garlic slivers and red pepper flakes steeped in olive oil. We started with grilled artichoke bottoms topped with green tapenade and goat cheese; the last of the frozen artichoke bottoms. We finished with scoops of raspberry sherbet. Ed insists this is especially good in red wine.

Yogurt on overnight.

Wednesday/14-Sep-11: Ed brought in about 5kg of big tomatoes this evening. Back in the deseeding business tomorrow ...

Since I went off to the consulate in Bordeaux yet again today, I popped Slow Cooker Carnitas with Pickled Red Onions (MC) in the crockpot before I left. Well, the carnitas part went in the crockpot and the red onions went in the fridge. As with many crockpot things, the meat was good, but not wonderful. The pickled red onions are very good, though. We ate them all up; after dinner, I chopped another onion and put it into the pickling juice. This recipe originally had way way too much sugar so I've seriously reduced it (from 1-1/2 cups to 1/4 cup) with very good results. Served with Mama's Garlic Coleslaw (MC) embellished with some chipotle powder in the sauce. And some homemade tortillas. All topped off with a Bonne Mamam chococate cake.

Thursday/15-Sep-11: Had a nice birthday lunch today and a museum visit afterwards. Later, I de-seeded another bunch of tomatoes and cooked them till it was time to blend them up.

For dinner, I made thick slices from one of the remaining tomatoes and took the seeds out of half of them. Salt, pepper, a dab of olive oil, some torn basil (green and purple), and a spoonful of pyramid (goat) cheese. Yum. Then a big salad.

Friday/16-Sep-11: Off for our weekly shopping today. Had an idea to make fresh pasta for dinner, but didn't have the oomph after putting away the groceries, including freezing up lots of stuff. So dinner was a half dose of Linguine Fini with Scallops (Linguine con Capesante) (MC 2BTried), served over tagliatelle from a cellophane sack. It was good, and very easy. Then a big salad. Kind of meal we eat a lot, it seems.

Saturday/17-Sep-11: Dinner was a half dose of Lumache with Broccoli and Capers (VC4E, p450). No lumache, used shells instead. Part of the broccoli was from our garden, and boy way it full of little caterpiggles! The dish was good anyhow, a variation on the broccoli pasta with oil and red pepper flakes, this time with capers.

Sunday/18-Sep-11: Yogurt on overnday. Froze up the last batch of tomato sauce. Collected 17# of beefsteaks from the potager that I'll start dealing with tomorrow. Another 3# of assorted cherry tomatoes.

In the afternoon, the ABM made a loaf of Cayenne Cornbread (BigGerman, p182). For dinner I thickened the sauce from the crockpot dinner. Served this with the bit of meat left, augmented by a couple of cooked sausages from the freezer, over Cayenne Cornbread toast. Pretty tasty, and good soppy. Made a salad with a big tomato and an avocado.

Progress on goals
This week: #1 VEG/FISH: yes, #2 SOUP: no, #3 MIDDAY: no
This month: #4 PASTA: almost, not yet

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