Monday, May 30, 2011

This week in the kitchen

Monday/30-May-11: Simple dinner of oldies. Coriander-Pepper Pork Tenderloins (MC) done under the broiler; tasty. Zucchini and Feta Salad (MC), with goat cheese instead of feta, since my feta was moldy and there was no spare. Trio rice. For dessert, the last of the Grand Marnier desserts from the freezer.

Tuesday/31-May-11: The leftover Lunch in Paris tagine was still quite good. The two of us ate all of it in two sittings. It was probably enough for 5 or 6. Oink, oink. We started with half the melon and pineau. Followed the tagine with a big salad of mâche. Then some Prune Cake (soon to be MC). Mixed the cake all in the food processor. At the end, I added the prunes (the rest of the pitted ones I got for the tagine) and the walnuts and pulsed to chop them up. While it was baking the gas cylinder ran out; Ed came in to find it clicking, trying to light. Changed the cylinder and relit the oven. Which now decided to take its time to get up to speed. The cake survived and was quite good.

Wednesday/1-Jun-11: Lunched at Flunch today, very missable fast food. For an afternoon snack we had more prune cake. For dinner, I marinated chicken thighs for Asian Barbecue Chicken (MC), good stuff. Served with a side of Sesame Asparagus and Noodles (VegPleas, p81).

Thursday/2-Jun-11: Cowboy Stew from the freezer for dinner. Prune cake for a snack during the day.

Friday/3-Jun-11: Shopping in the early afternoon. I picked up a single cucumber. The checker kept tell me they were on sale 2 for €1, and one was .89 (or some such); I finally convinced her I really only wanted one for the two of us. Got some tomatoes to make oven-dried tomatoes again (this time I'll pay more attention to the time). Started some lemons soaking, to soften the skins prior to making preserved lemons. Made an eggless ice cream "brew" and pitted a bunch of cherries, so we should have cherries and cream ice cream before long.

Dinner was Da Vinci Cod (soon to be MC), a recipe recently collected from EAT-L. Accompanied by some Quick-Glazed Carrots (H2CEV, p278), which were good in spite of the fact that I forgot to add the butter, so they weren't as glazed as they could have been, and some orzo with grated lemon zest, parsley, black pepper, and butter. All followed by a big, simple salad. Then some St Felicien, which seemed a bit off, so we had some cookies.

Saturday/4-Jun-11: Dinner started with Lemon Thyme Marinated Artichokes (EAT-L, soon to be MC). The artichokes I found on sale (2 for €1.50) were huge, I think; three of us (one backed out) at only three quarters each, so we've got seven in the fridge now. The chokes are half steamed, then marinated, then oven-baked to finish. These were very good, but the recipe greatly understated how much lemon was required. I ended up using the lemons I had soaking to make preserved lemons, so that needs to be restarted.

For the main, there was Farfalle with Wild Mushroom Sauce (EAT-L, also soon to be MC). Very nice and relatively low fat. Then a big salad. No time for dessert before we went out to Montemboeuf.

This was the first time Barbara had had artichokes (I knew this), but also a first for avocados, in the salad!

Sunday/5-Jun-11: Wanting to make some chicken stock soon, so for dinner there was bbq'd Devil's Chicken (Tabasco, p83), which is getting to be a standard. We finished the leftover artichokes, warmed in the oven; they were okay, but not as good as last night. And I cooked up some pasta to serve with the rest of the shroom sauce. For dessert, there was cherries and cream ice cream, eggless ice cream, but still oh so good!

Progress on goals
This week: #1 VEG/FISH: yes, #2 SOUP: no, #3 MIDDAY: no
This month: #4 PASTA: May,yes; June,not yet


  1. Kaye, you seem to make a lot of ice cream. Do you have an ice cream maker or do you just do it using the freeze and stir method?

  2. Our very old (running on US current) ice cream maker finally threw in the towel, so we've bought a new one and have been using it quite a bit. In general, I have to halve most recipes to fit in the container, which is fine for the two of us. The container sits in the (big) freezer all the time, so it's ready to go. We just make the "brew" one night (which also needs to chill at least 12 hours) and freeze it the next.

    Actually, the kulfi recipe I use is just mix the stuff together and put it in the regular freezer. You don't even stir it up. "Tuesday work, Sunday flavor", said the recipe.

  3. Unfortunately, my freezer is too small to handle the containers of ice cream containers. I'd like to get the attachment for my Kitchen Aid, but I'd need to get a separate freezer with deep drawers or shelves to accommodate it. My cousin served me a delicious homemade strawberry ice cream last night made with just the freeze and stir method, so I guess I should just try it that way