Monday, May 2, 2011

This week in the kitchen

Monday/2-May-11: Defrosted some kip filets and Ed bbq'd them using the Grilled West Indies Spice Rub (Thrill, p165) from the freezer. Served with Dusolier's Perfect Roasted Potatoes (MC) that I tossed with a bit of the rub plus a finely chopped pepper. Followed by a salad. Red, White, and Blueberry Parfait (MC), using ricotta instead of cottage cheese. Tasty, if soupy, rather than parfait-y.

Tuesday/3-May-11: Farewell lunch at L'Aromate with Bill today. We had our usual lunch fruit for dinner.

Wednesday/4-May-11: Shopped today at a shop near the clinic (following first pre-op checkup), a chain we don't ordinarily visit. Not bad, except they were out of low-fat milk. Their kitchen stuff seemed nicer than our regular shops actually. (I bought a set of rings for cutting cookies, biscuits, etc.) Didn't really have a proper list, so just took the fridge list and winged it. Still no corn oil, which is getting worrying.

For dinner, there was Tagliatelle coi Gamberi e Asparagi (ClassPasta, p98). Looked at "fresh" tagliatelle at the shop and it looked pretty unpalatable. Made fresh tagliatelle instead, one recipe of pasta (using Tipo 00 flour, which really does make especially good pasta) with about half the recipe of sauce. Used frozen, cooked shrimp, rather than dealing with peeling the uncooked ones; they were fine. Followed by a salad, then by some individual servings of Haagen-Dasz Crême Brulée ice cream that Ed spotted at the shop. A nice dinner altogether, although we finished a whole bottle of wine and feel a bit too happy for it.

Thursday/5-May-11: Yogurt on overday.

No plan for dinner, so did a clear-the-fridge pasta dish with frozen mushroom ravioli, broccoli, pyramid cheese, etc. Followed by a big salad. Yvonne joined us for dinner and brought fruit salad for dessert. Served this with some toasted Belgian waffles. Nice dinner.

Friday/6-May-11: Made some apple butter with rhubarb. Dinner at the quiz, so nothing further in the kitchen.

Saturday/7-May-11: Went to the Phoenix booksale today and fell off the cookbook collecting wagon. Oops. Came home with four new cookbooks and two other food-related books. On the way home I stopped into Intermarche in Montbron while Ed got gas and found corn oil. Hooray.

For dinner I broiled two turkey scallops from the freezer with the last of the West Indies spice rub. Served with mashed sweet potatoes and haricots verts, tossed with butter/olive oil with cajun spice and garlic. Saved some sweet potatoes for a quick bread to make tomorrow. A store-bought dessert, panna cotta with caramel; definitely edible.

Started tomorrow night's dinner with some pickled red onions and a crock pot of spicy pork that will become carnitas.

Sunday/8-May-11: The mashed sweet potatoes turned into Southern Sweet Potato Pecan Bread (MC 2BTried, now K's Keepers). Really easy to put together and tasty too.

Ed collected lots of cherries and more are littered on the ground around the tree. I guess we should spread a sheet or two out there. Barbara and David brought s a pile of freshly picked strawberries.

Dinner was Slow Cooker Carnitas with Pickled Red Onions (web, now MC). Meat cooked like this is so nice. A tasty rub (this wasn't the tastiest perhaps, but still good), then a long sit in the crock. Just what the crockpot excels at. The meat is so tender you shred it with forks (or fingers). The pickled onions are a bit on the sweet side, but a nice addition to the carnitas. I made tortillas to go with. (In recent notes I wrote that I made 7 tortillas from 2/3 cup masa. This time I used 1 cup masa and still had only 7 tortillas, plus one mini one. Weird.) Served with canned corn, gussied up with a chopped pepper, some chipotle powder, and some ground oregano. Froze letfover meat with leftover corn and extra cooking juice. Might add beans and make it a soup/stew. Might make some cornmeal mush and make a tamale pie. We'll see.

Progress on goals
This week: #1 VEG/FISH: yes, #2 SOUP: no, #3 MIDDAY: no
This month: #4 PASTA: yes

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