Monday, February 28, 2011

This week in the kitchen

Monday/28-Feb-11: Yogurt on overday.

For dinner there was Creamy Roasted Carrot Sauce (found on the web) over Whole Wheat Pasta (Fancy, p77) cut as tagliatelle. The sauce was OK but not one to save (beyond the half that's in the freezer now). This is the best whole wheat pasta recipe I've found. You can't roll it to 6 or 7 as you can white flour, so it has a nice chew to it. For the repeat of the sauce, I think I'll use some of the spinach penne in the pantry.

Sophie didn't come home this afternoon; last we saw of her was shortly after lunch. While I prepared dinner, Ed walked around the hameau calling for her and checked all the close-by garages and barns where she might have gotten closed in. (Catlike, she's very curious and has gotten herself locked into places she shouldn't be.) No luck. Throughout the evening, we took turns stepping outside to call her. No luck. While Ed washed the dishes, I made a major loop through the hamlet and out little farm roads, calling, calling, calling. No luck. One last try—look again in our shed, where Ed had put up some tools earlier in the day. Grope for the light switch. Up pops a sleepy-faced kitty. Too lazy to meow when we called just outside the door. After being cooped up for six or seven hours, she was in major play mode when she got inside.

Tuesday/1-Mar-11: Finished off Teddie's Apple Cake for breakfast. That was a goodie.

Dinner started with some stuffed artichokes. I'd bought two small ones at the market on Saturday, thinking they would be good for two, but they could have served four. No matter, they were tasty.

The main course was Veal Scallopine with Marsala (ClassicItal, p361) served with polenta. I'd also roasted some asparagus, but we were so full after the artichokes, we set those aside. For afters, we worked on a bit of St. Felicien, one of our favorite cheese.

Wednesday/2-Mar-11: Forgot to mention about the apple-kiwi butter. It's not bad at all. Not really a strong taste of kiwi. Don't think you'd guess it if you didn't know, except for the multitude of little black seeds which don't get blended up.

Anchovies. Yesterday when I made the stuffing for the artichokes, I discovered there were no anchovies in the freezer. So I opened the tin I have and used some of those, then rolled up the rest and froze them. (Transferred these to a ziploc this evening.) I'm not a big anchovy fan, but they add a nice taste to some things, so they're good to have on hand. It was nice to discover you can freeze them, since I never use a whole tin in one cooking. What's puzzling to me, though, is that the little flat tins I buy here are bought from the cooler section and say they should be stored in the fridge. The tins look exactly like what I bought in the US and in NL and I never noticed that they should be kept in the fridge. I never did, and we didn't die from it, so I'm puzzled about why they should be refrigerated in France. For the longest time I thought they didn't have anchovies here, since I couldn't find them with other canned fish as I was used to. Finally I found them in the fish-stuff cooler. They also have anchovies in salt which are supposed to be the best, but I've never noticed them before. The jar is much bigger than the little tin, and that lasts months and months, so I'll wait till I find a recipe that asks for them specially.

Dinner was Indian-ish. I made Haddock Baked in a Yogurt Sauce (MJ1, p94), which I've made several times before, this time with julienne, which is ling—does that help? It looks like cod and tastes good but is awfully bony for a fillet. Jaffrey suggests Mushroom Pullao (MJ1, 152), so I made that. For some vegetable matter, I made Broccoli with Garlic and Mustard Seeds (SpiceKitch, p40). Lots of nice tastes, although Ed would have liked more fish.

Thursday/3-Mar-11: More Indian, a moldy-oldy, kind of comfort food that's good on a cold evening. Lentils with Garlic and Onion (MJ1, p124) over Simple Butter Rice with Onion (MJ1, p149). We missed lunch today, so for a starter/munchy we sharedthe last quarter of a jar of pâté and had three cheese-stuffed peppadews each. For afters, we finished on the St. Felicien. Not the most well-balanced meal ever, but tasty.

Yogurt on overnight.

Friday/4-Mar-11: For lunch, I used last night's lentils to make a burrito filling, sort of faux black bean. Made up some guacamole and sliced some jalapeños to fill them up. Dinner was the roast asparagus we didn't eat with the veal marsala and a big salad of rucola with lots of odd bits of veggies.

Saturday/5-Mar-11: Oh well, what are meal plans for, except to be ignored? Our neighbor (who is home again after six weeks in hospital and nursing home) gave us some leeks today. So dinner was a half recipe of Leek and Goat Cheese Galette (VC4E, p498). This should have served three, but we're making it do for four servings and will have another meal of it. Cold? Maybe. Followed by a salad of mâche and beet strips. A nice dinner.

Yogurt on overnight.

Sunday/6-Mar-11: A fruits de mer meal this afternoon; no need for cooking.

Progress on goals
This week: #1 VEG/FISH: yes, #2 SOUP: no, #3 MIDDAY: yes
This month: #4 PASTA: yes for February, not yet for March

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  1. Glad you found Sophie! You spend a lot of time worrying when animals go missing like that, don't you?

    In Canada, the location of canned anchovies depends on the province--in NS, they are in the cooler section; in Ontario they are with the canned fish.